Book Reading with the A-Team

Dear NetSuite Waterloo & TribeHR Team:  

Thank you ... Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support means the world to me.  

When I left NetSuite I bet you all thought you were free (freedommmmm)!  No more listening to Donna read off slides for hours at a time.  Little did you know I'd be back ... but this time, instead of waxing on about our strategic advantage, I was even more self-indulgent and read out loud the first chapter of my first novel (ermagherd).  

None of you have ever been shy about expressing your support for what I'm up to, and you definitely didn't disappoint when I bombed your team lunch.  You welcomed, you listened, you asked questions, and you congratulated ... incredible!  You're incredible.  I've always marvelled at how creative, thoughtful, and respectful you all are and I can see that while I've been gone you've somehow become even better (coincidence? I hope so).   

Anyhoo.  Below is a recording of the reading of Ch. 1.  I will do my best to share it with the world (stomach drop) to try and get people around the world excited about the story of Robin and Quinn.  I look forward to one day reading from a real book and not a wrinkled and stained print out of Draft 0, complete with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (both of which I'm sorry for, Peter & Allison). 

Reading of Ch. 1, Tome Robber of London.

It's very difficult to express how thankful and excited I am for your support.  Given that #wordsfailme, I hope these help:

Thank you.


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