Thanksgiving: The Day that Keeps on Giving

TL;DR - I'm grateful, like how this man is grateful:

(In case you didn't know, that's Teddy Crews. His superpower is gratefulness, and pectoral hypnosis. Winning streak of 100%.)

Why am I so grateful, you ask?

Because just this past weekend, as I was rattling off excuses as to why I was being so passive about becoming a published writer ("I want to save my Debut Author PR cache!" Ugh, *rolls eyes*; "But I'm writing in a different genre! What if people get confused?!" Seriously, Litt?; "I'm pursing the path of traditional publishing before I throw the rule book out the window, because I'll always regret not giving it my best shot when I had the opportunity."Good God woman, what blogs are you reading?!) I had someone I love and respect call me on my bullshit. 

It wasn't David Bowie, may he forever rest in peace, but it was someone as magnificently coiffed: my precocious partner, Michael Litt.

Even now I can find merit in my excuses. BUT here's the thing, they're still excuses, and I don't need anyone's permission to do Authorship any way other than my own (thank you Alexis Ohanian for the friendly and clever reminder in Without Their Permission) AND, why look for merit in words when you can literally create it? If that doesn't make sense, just forget that I wrote it, and remember Teddy Crews. Are you hypnotized yet? Or just not hungry anymore?

So. With a simple re-framing of a strategy that I'd poo poo'd for now, Michael called me on my BS, and I'm much better off for it. I feel rejuvenated after a long lull of soul sucking waiting (which is still happening, but is now somewhat less soul sucking). Life is pumping through these shrivelled veins once more. (Maybe because of Michael, maybe because yesterday I learned that there's a new Underworld landing in February2017OMGYESIT'SREALLYHAPPENING!!!).

This Thanksgiving Day, like how I am every other day of the year, I'm grateful to have supped at such a generous cornucopia of love and support. 

Thank you,



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