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Where the sun sets

When Bay Gibbons learns that her life is ending, her husband Vole does what he’s vowed he would never do  — he puts his faith in the universe and makes a wish. In turn, he’s granted the ability to stop and restart time. Using his inexplicable and newfound power, Vole’s determined to fulfill the only request his wife ever made of him during their entire 35 year marriage: to one day leave everything behind and travel the world together.

With time stopped, Vole bundles his ailing wife and their geriatric dog into a pedal boat hitched to a bicycle, and cycles them to the first place on Bay’s international wish list of places to see. When he restarts the clock he finds that old passions that lay dormant for years are reignited; and that when time is ticking, Bay’s health worsens. As carefully as he managed their pennies throughout their marriage, Vole must carefully manage the precious minutes they have left together. The problem is, whenever he stops time everything freezes. Fires don’t spark and water doesn’t flow, the sun doesn’t move and nothing changes or gets old… except for him.

To live the life they’d always dreamed of, Vole must overcome the most difficult challenges he’s ever faced while carrying his wife and dog around the world and back home again before their time together stops, forever. 



TL;DR: A group of us took an epic road trip in janky classic sports cars and recorded the whole dang thing. I blogged during it here, and Taylor Jackson made a movie YOU CAN WATCH

Technologists, entrepreneurs, artists.  A teacher, a writer, two startup co-founders, a Google mastermind, a videographer. As the world’s dizzy spin gains momentum with every passing day, we each navigate our own winding paths. Then, a precious moment where our roads intersect. An opportunity to make time stop. Maybe the last. What should we do? Seize the moment for our own. Follow a new path. Follow our dreams.

Comic Illustration Animal Throne mini poster available   here   for purchase

Comic Illustration Animal Throne mini poster available here for purchase


“This is the spot?” Zig whispered, setting down his spade and pack of supplies. Clara set hers down next to his and grinned wickedly in the moonlight. Her teeth glinted.

Over rippling fields of green, beyond the yellowwood and Singing Elm Grove; to where regal figure rises, and bronze cat king keeps guard over royal treasure trove. Does that look like a cat king to you?”

Clara pointed to the majestic statue of a bronze lion, laying on a draping flag also cast in bronze, on top of a granite stepped pedestal. On top of the pedestal was a life-sized bronze statue of a stern looking Queen Victoria, put there more than one hundred years earlier by people long dead.

“It does. But I don’t know why you had to say it like that. What now?”

“Now, my friend, we dig!”


Makers & Shakers 

Curious things happen when the Arts and Sciences come together, and curiosity often leads to questions of empathy that result in acts of compassion. 

This publication contains stories that showcase the brilliant threads of curiosity that bring creators together to build a culture of compassion in Kitchener-Waterloo.

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Pearl is as passionate as she is wild. When she and her family fall into a trap and her family's ruthlessly slaughtered, she's taken captive and held in an alien world where everything is hostile and different. Adrienne, the other, is lost. Her dream to make something of herself has become hollow now that she's alone, and she has no more reason to keep going.

Follow these two unlikely souls that are a world apart, as they find a way to save each other and discover themselves in the process.